Clarkston Arial photography

This last Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to do some Clarkston Arial photography.   I was the winning bid at a canine rescue action event this summer for a short ride in a plane.

Randy the pilot is the proud owner of an unrestored 1947 Piper Cub.  This is a really cool plane.  A bunch of aluminum tubing, some fabric covering, an opposing 4 air cooled engines, 4 basic instruments and two seats (I sat in front).  The plane is so basic, it does not have an electrical system.  Randy brought handheld radios for communications.

We planned to leave a 8:07, sunrise,  but the clouds were low.  We got clearance about 9am and took off.  We did a quick trip north from Pontiac airport and tried to make it to our house, but the clouds were too low.

I was able to get shots of the town, our church, Clarkston United Methodist and some general fall color, Great day!