Author: MarkKelly

Goodrich MI Barber Shop

Goodrich Barber MI Shop, this is my first take at photographing a series of Barbershops.  It is an extension and addition of my series photographing post offices around the country.  When ever I travel I like to get off the freeways and visit small town America.  The idea came from reading Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon years ago.  It is a travelogue on Americana.  I chose to add barber shops when I was driving around Clarkston and Waterford a few weeks ago an noticed there were at least three old fashioned, independent structured barber shops within a few miles.

When I shoot post offices I try not to have people in the shot and make the image more about the building and the surroundings.  For barber shops I plan to focus more on the interior of the building, the barber and the patrons.  We will see where this goes.

Scotts Barber Shop
10233 Hegel Rd
Goodrich, MI 48438

I was introduced to Scott a week ago by my pal Don Rush and got a haircut that day.  I went  back and spent an hour or so photographing the shop with Scott in it.  The shop was converted from a bank in 1919 and Scott is the 4th owner.  He has been there 10 years and his son Brandon cuts there also.  The interior is covered with trinkets, sports memorabilia, photos, calendars, a dead deer, historic barber stuff and tools of the trade.  Very eclectic and interesting.

After a bit  a customer came in and agreed to have shots taken.  Chuck Lippincott first came to this shop when he lived on a chicken farm outside of town a few miles, back in 1941 when he was a young boy.  Chuck told stories of delivering chickens to families in Flint and trading the chickens for various rationing stamps.  He also talked about how he would drive to Davisburg for feed and see very few cars on the trip.  Different times. It was a very nice conversation and I’m lucky to have talked with him.

Check out Scott’s shop.  You will get a great haircut and might hear some good stories.

Street Photography, Clarkston photographer, Taste of Clarkston 2018

I had my Photo Booth again for more street photography, Clarkston photographer again at the Taste of Clarkston 2018.  This is the 6th or 7th consecutive year I have been in the parking lot of the Clarkston News with my “tribute to Irving Penn” photo booth and background.  For each subject I ask that they make a donation to a local charity.  The local charity was DRAW Bucket this year.  We raised $63.  A bit lower than most years, but every little bit helps.

The background is a couple of sheets of 4 x 8 luan that I painted years ago.  With a couple of moves and in and out of storage, the backgrounds are getting a little beat up.  I don’t really see many of the markings in the final images and I really like the consistency of having the same background year to year.

The Taste of Clarkston is an annual event host by the Clarkston Chamber of Commerce and is held on Main Street right downtown.  There are dozens of local food tents with a wide variety of reasonably priced food and drink.  There is a beer and wine tent at each end of downtown.  The Lions even have a mobile TV with the Lions game showing, I share the parking lot with them.

I have a handful off people that return every year.  Some tell me they use the images for greeting cards.  Whenever I see someone I know I ask them to come in for a quick shot.  I write down their file number, they email me that number and I send them their images.  Towards the end of the day the crowd gets a little thinner, so this year I tried to get as many dogs and owners as I could.  I also try and cover as many volunteers and other helping out.

Executive location portrait photography

My friend Greg needed some shots for an upcoming article and asked for an executive location portrait.  His thought was to stand in front a bunch of buckets and look all cool and hero like.  We stacked a bunch of empty buckets, taped them together for stability (they fell down 3 minutes after we were done with the shoot) and just barely kept them up.  Most are leaning a bit.  He then ran through bunch of poses to show off his entrepreneurshipness.

Greg is the founder of DRAW Disaster Relief At Work, a local disaster review organization doing great work, helping people all over the country.

HDR travel photography

An example of HDR travel photography. When ever I travel I try and get off the big freeways and into the small towns on the Blue Highways.  I started photographing Post Offices in the small towns as part of a continuing project. Years ago I would photograph ice cream stands, but not all of America has ice cream stands.  Just about every town has a post office.

On a trip back up from Florida I was in the back roads of North Carolina, found this Post Office in Hot Springs and photographed it.  Hot Springs NC hardwareI noticed a hardware across the street that looks interesting, it was indeed.  This is one of the old time hardwares where they have just about everything you could possibly need with people that work in the store that know how to help you and where to find the stuff to help you.  I walked in, loved it immediately and asked for permission to shoot in the store.  They kindly agreed.  I was intrigued by the texture of the displays and the repeating patterns.  I will typically shoot HDR for the post offices and chose to do it for the hardware.  HDR travel photography is a process of combining 3 to 5 different exposures of the same image and combining them in software.  I did HDR on all these images and then applied a creative color edit to all the images that drained a little color and added sharpness and texture.