Category: Family

Fall Family Portraits

I had the opportunity to photograph a wonderful family this fall.  We chose to shoot at Depot Park in Clarkston and had wonderful overcast light with the sun peeking through from time to time.  Depot Park is a wonderful location for family pictures. We started the portrait session with the whole family group and then did just the boys, Mom and Dad, the whole group again and then the boys having fun.

Yellow Chair Portraits

As I have many times in the past years I spent Thanksgiving Saturday photographing family portraits.  This year I was in Fellowship Hall at our church Clarkston United Methodist Church .  I did it in conjunction with my second time participation and first time lead for Help-Portrait .

I tried my new gold background and used The Yellow Chair.  The Yellow Chair was a birthday gift from my lovely wife a few years ago and I have used it a handful of times and thought it would work well with the families.

Bad photo day with daughter

I wanted to fill a photo cube of our daughter for Mother’s Day, so the Friday before I asked to shoot our daughter.  Evidently having her pictures shot was not what she wanted to do.  As you can see we did not have a typical smiley session.  She complained through the entire shoot.   My wife loves the cube.