Healthy Dogma pix for a cause

I went to the grand opening of Healthy Dogma and shot portraits of customers’ dogs.  The proceeds went to Semper Fidelis Pet Rescue.  Great fun.  Healthy Dogma moved to their new location in Lake Orion.

Dog food labels

Friday I worked for dogfood.  Tom at Healthy Pet in Lake Orion needed portraits of dogs for new labels he is printing.  He choose to call in some local dogs to sit.  These are my daughter’s favorites from the session.  Going to give the dog food a try.

Dog Days

Shots from our visit to the Detroit AKC Dog Show at Rock Financial Place in Novi.  There seems to be a recurring pet photography theme running through the latest posts.  These were all shot while wandering through the show with my family.  I pointed my flash straight up and held a sheet of copy paper just above to act as a simple bounce flash.  I used a watered down version of an extreme Lightroom Preset to develop the shots.

Star the dog

Shots of Star, our dog.  Playing with flash outside.  Shot at dusk.  Tomorrow strobe in daylight.

Star the dog

Got up early last week and was shooting the morning sun lighting up the frosty ground.  Our dog star was out, as usual, so here are some shots of our pet._DSC6375