Business couple portraits – downtown Detroit

I did these business couple portraits of a married couple for their seminar business.  We started in the Guardian building in downtown Detroit where we used the lobby and gates as some of the backgrounds.  We also shot in some of the office space and found a great tiled wall and a nice yellow wall to use as backgrounds.

Sports portraits on Clarkston High School girls soccer seniors

The girls soccer team from Clarkston High School asked me to photograph sports portraits of the seniors.  We had to shoot before one of their home games and were not able to get on the field because the JV soccer game was being played.  We went to a practice field on the south side of the stadium and shot in the grass. Most of the day had been pretty sunny and it clouded up as the afternoon went on.  The we started shooting the clouds came in.  I balanced my off camera strobes with the clouded sky and made the sky a bit dark and ominous.  I asked d the girls to with smile or look tough their choice.  While we were there and had everything set up we did a group shot and then some action shots of the defending, dribbling or kicking.  I will show the action shots in a future post.

Executive Headshots on location

This is a recent example of executive headshots being done on location.  The Clarkston Chamber of Commerce had an annual meeting where most of the Ambassadors and Officers were attending.  The Chamber asked me to come at the end of the meeting and shoot new headshots of the chamber and staff.  I set up a typical headshot lighting with white background and photographed everyone there in about an hour.  We had to schedule a few people who could not make the meeting for an additional session at my studio.  I have photographed many additional sessions for the Chamber as the members and staff change, trying to keep the look similar.

Clarkston Chamber of Commerce


Musician photography of a young man, bassoonist & conductor

Musician photography of a young man, bassoonist & conductor, shot in the studio.  This young man is a bassoonist and aspiring conductor.  He is in his final year at U of M in Ann Arbor, MI.  He needed some headshots for all of his upcoming performance and interview needs.

These are pretty straight forward studio headshots. I got hime to the studio, asked him a bit about what his needs are, talked about the style of shots he and I like and then came up with a plan to shoot on black and them on white.  At the end of the session I brought out the ring light for some non music headshots.

Executive Environmental portraits of a tech firm

Executive Environmental portraits of a local technology firm in Clarkston, MI.  IGD Solutions asked me to come to them and shoot some images of key staff for their upcoming webpage update.  I went to their offices and shoot each executive in a couple different situation in and around the office. I chose to make my versions of the images black and white.  I’m not sure which versions of all the shots they will end up using.

Environmental portraits are photographs of people in some natural setting.  They are quite different from studio portraits because I often have to balance the existing light with light I bring, trying to create a plausible lighting look with an additional bit of creative interest.

IGD Solutions

Fitness photography of a local model

Fitness photography of a local model.  Alora and I met at her suburban Detroit home after her manager and I had connected online.  Alora was looking for some fitness photography to round out her modeling portfolio.  She wanted shots of her doing fitness stuff in and around the backyard and pool.

The day of the shoot was very hot and sunny.  We started by doing some stretching and yoga shots in the shade, using strobes to add a little spark.  We then went to the diving board a the pool and I got my strobes as bright as I could to overpower the sun a bit.  The strobes strongly side lit Alora and I was able to push down the ambient light.

See more of Alora here


Cosplay photography Yomacon 2016 Cobo Hall Detroit

Cosplay photography of just a few of the hundreds of characters at Yomacon 2016.  The event was held at Detroit’s Cobo Hall with some events at the Detroit Marriott on the river.  All of the shots were done in the hallways outside of the Cobo event halls.  Of the 200 or so people I asked only 5 declined to have their picture taken.

I shot with my Alien Bees ring light and had the Vagabond lithium battery for power.  I have the battery in an enclosed belt bag and it overheated after a couple hours.  Note to self, use an open carrying system next year.  I had to be careful about backgrounds because the ring light has the most dramatic effect when close to a wall.  I used a reflective wall for some shots and got an interesting halo effect.  It was pretty difficult to find a clear wall where there was not somebody sitting or waiting in line to get into an event.

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Cinemagraph of a crying woman

I made this cinemagraph at the end of today’s model shoot. The model wanted to do a still version of a crying on the phone shot. She added a lot more eyeliner and I dapped water mixed with black acrylic paint for the tear.
Animated GIF

Studio portrait photography

Studio portrait photography in my studio right here in Clarkston, MI.  These are a couple of friends that sat in for me during a winter test shoot.  I was looking to get  somber dimly lit portraits with a lot of mood.

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