The Hook Band

Had a fun shoot with The Hook,  local band of friends.  We worked on some group shots and then these portraits with a ring light.

Tools of the Trade

These are shot of some of the girls skates and pads from the Flint City Derby Girls bout last Sunday._DSC1158

Reverend Calvin Golden recording session

Shots from a recent recording session of Reverend Calvin Golden in Hazel Park MI.  I have had the pleasure of photographing a few of the group’s past concerts and already knew a few of the songs.  Wonderful music, not sure what to call it, Gospel, Worship?



I photographed this young man a few weeks ago.  He needed some shots of him performing the martial art Capoeira.  I’m not sure I really understand it fully, more like a Brazilian martial art and dance performance art.  He was certainly fit and very athletic. Playing agin with dramatic side lighting.  Need to store my seamless upright!


Powergirls Model search

Below are shots I did at a day long model Search for PowerGirls.  I was contacted by Peace Robinson and asked to be one of several photographers shooting many models register to compete to be the first Powergirl.  I was the fiorst photographer to show up (on time at 7 am Saturday) and got my choice of several sets.  I choose the casual set in a open courtyard.  In the morning I had my choice of open shade or low sun, later I had straight up sun to work with.  In my wandering around the complex, I saw a car shop and shot some of the girls in there. It was a fun challenging shoot, well organized with very nice models, I wish Powergirls well.  You can see more of the images on my website


Fight Club gym

As you will shortly see I have recently shot some local MMA Mixed Martial Arts fighters.  I will shortly post images from the amateur fight at the Palace of Auburn Hill in April.   The images below are some of the fighters training at Fight Club Incorporated in Waterford MI.  Mike Grable was nice enough to give me access to some of the fighters training in this new facility.


4×5 film processing

I just processed my first set of 4×5 film in years.  To load the film in the holders, I go in the hallway bathroom at night and make sure no one turns on a light.  After shooting, I then go back in the bathdarkroom and load a 4×5 daylight tank.  The film was processed right at the kitchen sink and washed in the tank. The shot you see is the film hung with clothespins on a string wound around cabinet handles, shot with iPhone.

I proceesed some film from a Sped Graphic I got a while ago and shots done Friday with a couple pinhole cameras, just finished.  I plan to shoot portraits with the Speed Graphic this summer, the pinhole is just for fun.

4x5 film processing

4x5 film processing