Interior Office Photography of CV Media in Northville

Interior Office Photography of CV Media in Northville MI.  CVmedia had me come to their office to photograph new images of their people for the about page of their new website.  We later discussed shooting the office space and people working in the office.

CV Media is a creative media agency and their office is anything but ordinary.  The rooms are fairly dark and lit with contrasty light.  I chose not to bring in additional lighting to balance out the exposure because I thought it might ruin the ambiance.  Instead I decided to shoot and process HDR images.  For the images with people I had to ask the people to hold still while I shot the 5 exposure bracket on a tripod. Some of the rooms are pretty small so I had to use a very wide lens and the images get a bit zoom.  All the images were later processed with Lightroom and Photomatix Pro.  I tried to keep a somewhat natural look.

Clarkston Football an overview

Different view and impressions of the fan’s experience and the people it takes to put on a high school football game.  This was Clarkston’s last home game for the 2015 season.

Clarkston High School, Clarkston Michigan

Mark – Designer

Portraits of a friend of mine Mark.  We shot in ROAK Brewery in Royal Oak.  Rock is a new brewery and Mark is the interior, exterior and graphic designer for the newly opened brewery.

RUSH27 Howell Competetion

I attended my first FIRST Robotics Competition in Howell MI this weekend.  What an event!  It was held at Parker Middle School and was a very well run event.

Team RUSH made it through the qualifying rounds and ended up in 5th place.  The team was chosen by the 2nd place team as part of the Blue Alliance for the finals.  The Alliance performed very well and won their quarterfinals and semifinals in 2.  The Blue Alliance met the Red Alliance in the finals and lost in 2.  The Silver award was graciously accepted.  Team RUSH also won the Industrial Design Award for the second time this year goes live, a community service of MPKphoto just went live.  The site is a place for me to post images of all things Clarkston.  I just posted the 550 images from the Labor Day Parade.  550 images shot in 40 minutes.  That is an shot every 4 second for 40 minutes.  It was actually much more hectic than that due to repeated stops followed by zipping by parade viewers, snapping madly._DSC3326