In a single visit, I can take the still shots you need, as well as capture video for your company’s website. Maybe it’s a video message from the CEO to employees or a short video for your intranet. I can multi-task, providing you with greater value.

There’s a common set of attributes shared by great photos and great videos. Each requires a good eye, a creative edge and technical skill.
• DOCUMENTARIES – There’s nothing like a well-produced documentary video to tell a story with impact. In this age of social media, forward-thinking businesses are tapping into this powerful tool with great effectiveness.
• WEBSITE VIDEOS – Not everyone is a reader. Many respond better to video messages. Need a video for your website? Call me.

A Summer Motorcycle shoot

A snowy evening in Clarkston

Clarkston United Methodist Canfdle lighting ceremony 12/24/12

Clarkston High School Football