Downtown Clarkston light trails photography

This Downtown Clarkston light trails photography is a project I did for the Clarkston Chamber upcoming directory cover.  Don Rush of the Clarkston News is the publisher and acting art director.  We had done a previous shoot of scenes of Clarkston shot with HDR and neither Don or I we super pleased with the results.  Don had seen a similar photo online and comped up the cover.  I was it and was inspired to do this.

To shoot this I placed a tripod in the backseat of my car and pointed the camera out the back window.  In the uncropped versions, you can see my side mirror.  I then drove up and down Main Street as the evening got darker, using different shutter speeds to create the trail of lights.

I’m pretty sure Don will use one of these for the Chamber directory.

Can you guess the various buildings in Clarkston.  They are all upon and down Main Street.