Restaurant interior HDR photography

Examples of restaurant interior HDR photography.  A local restaurant, Ninos, needed updated shots of their interior for use in their website. I got in a bit before the lunch customer arrived one cold winter day.  Because of the difference in brightness between the interior and exterior I chose to use a multi exposure technique called HDR.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a software process where multiple images of the same scene are combined to create an optimal image.  For these images I chose a 3 exposure HDR, an on exposure, a 2 stops bright and two stop dark exposures.  The software chooses the best part of the images.  It may use the bright exposure for shadows and a portion of the dark exposure for bright areas.  It is easy to push the software too far and get false or over enhanced color.  I even made some panoramas from some of the HDRs.  Three exposures for each image, up to 8 images per panorama, that is 24 images to create on image.

Give them a try.  The food is excellent and the service is fantastic and friendly.

Nino’s Italian House

4255 Baldwin Rd

Auburn Hills, MI 48326