Street photography Taste of Clarkston

For the sixth year I did street photography at the 2017 Taste of Clarkston.  I was in the parking lot of the Clarkston News, thanks Don and Jim.  Every year I choose a local charity to gove donations to.  This year it was DRAW’s turn.  When I photograph people I let them know I will send them multiple jpg files from the session.  I also let them know that they can make a donation.  This year was lighter in past years and we raised $112 for DRAW.

I stand out on the sidewalk and ask people if they are up for a portrait, many decline.  I’m much better at getting friends in for some shots.  I also look for interesting people that would make a good portrait.  For this years, at the end of the session I asked people to give me their best sad sack or deadpan face.  I think it is funny that most intrepid it as sad and gave me sad faces.  A couple really nailed it.