Time lapse High School Football video

Time lapse High School Football video from Friday evening’s Clarkston vs West Bloomfield.  I set up my GoPro in an area north the Clarkston High School football stadium, as high as I could get it on a light stand.  I did notice that the top of the stand was shaking a bit in the mild wind.  I was able to remove the motion in Final Cut X Pro.  I shot one frame every second from well before the game started to well into the second half when the sky got black.  The original video made by the GoPro was just over two minutes.  I cut a bit at the beginning and end and then sped up the video to shorten it to less than 30 seconds.

I shoot these videos to show the changing of the light as sunset and then dusk comes.  This video is a bit bland because there were not may clouds to show motion.  I’ll do more as I get to games.

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