Recent News

Fight Club gym

As you will shortly see I have recently shot some local MMA Mixed Martial Arts fighters.  I will shortly post images from the amateur fight at the Palace of Auburn Hill in April.   The images below are some of the fighters training at Fight Club Incorporated in Waterford MI.  Mike Grable was nice enough to give me access to some of the fighters training in this new facility.


AMA Ice Racing

On my way home from a horse shoot (event where I photographed horses), I drove by the White Lake Inn.  I know on Sundays in the winter a bunch of locals will drag race sleds on the ice.  As I was approaching, I noticed a large amount of cars and people.  It turns out there was an AMA sanctioned Ice Racing event.  My daughter and I went out to the ice and this is what I saw.dsc_0585

Dark Winter

These photographs are an exercise to see how to make a light scenes look dark.  I think I was inspired by some of Michael Kenna’s images.  All of the shots are in and around Clarkston and Independence Township.  I don’t think I ever got more that 2 miles from home.  It sure is nice to live out where it is quiet.dscf8361