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Great book for portrait photography

I just finished Annie Leibovitz’s latest book At Work.  I have always been a fan of Annie’s work.  This book is a wonderful journey through some of her most memorable images, what the situation was and how she thought about the images.  Great read, great images.

Annie Leibovitz describes how her pictures were made, starting with Richard Nixon’s resignation, a story she covered with Hunter S. Thompson, and ending with Barack Obama’s campaign. In between are a Rolling Stones Tour, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, The Blues Brothers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keith Haring, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Patti Smith, George W. Bush, William S. Burroughs, Kate Moss and Queen Elizabeth. The most celebrated photographer of our time discusses portraiture, reportage, fashion photography, lighting, and digital cameras.


4×5 film processing

I just processed my first set of 4×5 film in years.  To load the film in the holders, I go in the hallway bathroom at night and make sure no one turns on a light.  After shooting, I then go back in the bathdarkroom and load a 4×5 daylight tank.  The film was processed right at the kitchen sink and washed in the tank. The shot you see is the film hung with clothespins on a string wound around cabinet handles, shot with iPhone.

I proceesed some film from a Sped Graphic I got a while ago and shots done Friday with a couple pinhole cameras, just finished.  I plan to shoot portraits with the Speed Graphic this summer, the pinhole is just for fun.

4x5 film processing
4x5 film processing