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Hometown Friday Night Football

My impressions of Hometown Friday Night Football and what it takes for a high school to put on a football game. The evening starts with the fans coming into the stadium, the concession crew getting ready and the players in the training rooms getting taped up. The teams come out under the field for their pregame warm-ups and then head back in to the locker rooms. In the locker rooms they go over their pregame strategy an get inspirational speeches from players and coaches. The speeches really are very good. The home team comes out of the locker room into their end zone with cheerleaders on either side some holding up paper banner for the players to rip through.  The teams then go to the sidelines and stand at attention while the marching band plays the national anthem. Some of the students even singing anthem although this week they got a bit off from the music, funny.

Hometown Friday Night Football game started in low sun with long shadows, moved into Sunset, into dusk and then into full night with the lights blazing.  The evening was cool enough for shorts for some sweaters and jackets for others. line was 20 to 30 people deep for concessions at halftime.

I did not get up into the coaches and commentary box for this game will have to do so next game.

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Hometown Friday Night Football

Stills from Clarkston High School Hometown Friday Night Football.  These shots are my impressions of all that goes on for a school to deliver a Friday nigh football game.  The event starts with concessions getting ready and the players getting taped up.  The fans start to come into the stadium as both teams take the field for there pregame warmups.  The teams go back into the locker rooms for the last inspirational speeches from various team members and coaches, they really are very good!  Then the show starts. The cheerleaders go to the end zone to welcome the home team onto the field with the traditional ripping through the paper banner.  The teams gather on the sidelines and stand at attention as the marching band plays the national anthem  In this evening’s case the white rowdy student section sand the anthem, but got a bit ahead of the song, fun.  This game started in full sun with lengthening shadows and continued into sunset, dusk and full dark under the lights.

Time lapse High School Football video

Time lapse High School Football video from Friday evening’s Clarkston vs West Bloomfield.  I set up my GoPro in an area north the Clarkston High School football stadium, as high as I could get it on a light stand.  I did notice that the top of the stand was shaking a bit in the mild wind.  I was able to remove the motion in Final Cut X Pro.  I shot one frame every second from well before the game started to well into the second half when the sky got black.  The original video made by the GoPro was just over two minutes.  I cut a bit at the beginning and end and then sped up the video to shorten it to less than 30 seconds.

I shoot these videos to show the changing of the light as sunset and then dusk comes.  This video is a bit bland because there were not may clouds to show motion.  I’ll do more as I get to games.

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FIRST Worlds Event Photography

A post of FIRST Worlds event photography.  These images are of Team RUSH 27 and their involvement and winning of the FIRST World Championship, held in downtown Detroit this May.

FIRST is an international organization that inspires young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. (lifted from their webpage). Specifically this competition was for the high school level student competing in a co-opetition of radio controlled robots.  Over 400 teams from around the world came to Cobo Hall for there days of competition and then off to Ford Field for the finals.  Team RUSH, along with their other three alliance teams won!

I got involved with Team RUSH about 5 years ago when Mrs. Hughes asked if I would share some images of a t-shirt robot I had photographed at a Clarkston High School football game, I agreed.  She also asked if I would be interested in helping the team out with photography, I agreed.  I have been hooked ever since.  That year they won the most prestigious award – The Chairman’s Award.

My involvement is mostly event photography, portrait and banners, general photography and video to help support the team. I also do what I can to mentor aspiring photographers and help out with social media in general.