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Restaurant interior HDR photography

Examples of restaurant interior HDR photography.  A local restaurant, Ninos, needed updated shots of their interior for use in their website. I got in a bit before the lunch customer arrived one cold winter day.  Because of the difference in brightness between the interior and exterior I chose to use a multi exposure technique called HDR.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a software process where multiple images of the same scene are combined to create an optimal image.  For these images I chose a 3 exposure HDR, an on exposure, a 2 stops bright and two stop dark exposures.  The software chooses the best part of the images.  It may use the bright exposure for shadows and a portion of the dark exposure for bright areas.  It is easy to push the software too far and get false or over enhanced color.  I even made some panoramas from some of the HDRs.  Three exposures for each image, up to 8 images per panorama, that is 24 images to create on image.

Give them a try.  The food is excellent and the service is fantastic and friendly.

Nino’s Italian House

4255 Baldwin Rd

Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Food photography – yummy chocolate treats

Food photography is not my specialty, and I do a bit of it occasionally.  A mutual friend recommended Fluer-De-Lis Chocolates to me and we shot a while ago in my studio.  The shots are for a printed brochure and they needed a representation of the treats being offered.  We had a little bit of challenge with the reflections of the plastic and glass containers and had to shoot separate images for the contents and background, put down black cloth to remove unwanted reflections and the composite the images together.  It was a fun, challenging afternoon and I got to eat some of the props, yum.