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Medical office photography – Chiropractic and massage

Broad Family Chiropractic needed some medical office photography for their updated website.  They wanted updated images of the offices and new headshots of all the staff.  What they needed is a commercial photographer that is able to shoot medical office interiors and professional head shots.

I came to their location and set up a headshot photography “mini studio” in the lobby on a slow day.  We had the doctors and therapists scheduled every 10 minutes or so.  Some were able to get their headshot done ahead of schedule as time allowed.  When there was down time in the portrait schedule I was able to go around the office and photograph the various important rooms.  The lighting in many of the rooms was challenging and I wanted to keep the natural feel the customers would see, so I shot HDR  and processing for most of the rooms.

The primary doctor needed some additional executive portraits to use in various publications.  For those we chose to photograph him in a couple locations in the office making situational portraits.


Headshot photography – bunch o professionals

Some recent headshot photography of executives from a manufacturing company.  I brought my traveling studio to the manufacturing assembly location and set up in the plant area.  The guidelines for the company are very similar to the style that  most prefer, so the direction was pretty easy.  I try to get portraits of people facing both ways and get variations with arms folded and arms crossed.  We even have fun when shooting executives.  I have included a few of the obvious outtakes in this post just to show that we can have fun. We don’t have to use them, but it is fun to see them.