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Executive headshot retouching

Almost all of us could use a little retouching for most photos.  Below are examples of typical retouching I do for adults men and women for their executive headshots.  the goal is to make an image where you don’t know it have been retouched and the person looks their absolute best.

Men – Men are pretty simple.  I am able to reduce the width of the lower face a bit to make it look like the person weighs less if needed.  The eyes get whitened and widened just a bit and the iris gets a bit brighter.  The teeth get a bit of whitening.  True blemishes are removed.  Birthmarks and moles are reduced a bit or removed if requested.  All the skin gets softened just a bit and wrinkles and bags are reduced a bit.

Here is a before (left) and after (right) example of a male executive.


Executive_Headshot_Retouching_MaleExecutive_Headshot_Retouching_FemaleFemales – Women get about the same as men, but sometimes a bit more, mostly skin softening and wrinkle reduction.

Portrait Week 2016

For the third year in a row I am doing a self assigned portrait project.  Each year I take inspirational images I have seen in the last year and reinterpret them in the MPK way and make them my own.  I ask friends, family and models to come by the studio for some fun shooting time.  I share all the images and use this as an experience builder, portfolio builder and a way to get people some nice shots.  Please give me a call and schedule your time in front of the camera, come for as many days as you want.  I’ll have a different shot each day.  Come as you are.

You can view part years images:

This year’s schedule is:
Sunday 3/20           10am – 5pm
Monday 3/21           9am – 3pm
Tuesday 3/22          9am – 5pm & 8pm – 10pm
Wednesday 3/23     9am – 4pm
Thursday 3/24          10am – 3pm

This year’s shots:
Strange Eyes
Half face
Oversharp Quisical
Green chair dark
Hi C full figure/frosted
String wrap
Half face


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