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Sports portraits on Clarkston High School girls soccer seniors

The girls soccer team from Clarkston High School asked me to photograph sports portraits of the seniors.  We had to shoot before one of their home games and were not able to get on the field because the JV soccer game was being played.  We went to a practice field on the south side of the stadium and shot in the grass. Most of the day had been pretty sunny and it clouded up as the afternoon went on.  The we started shooting the clouds came in.  I balanced my off camera strobes with the clouded sky and made the sky a bit dark and ominous.  I asked d the girls to with smile or look tough their choice.  While we were there and had everything set up we did a group shot and then some action shots of the defending, dribbling or kicking.  I will show the action shots in a future post.

Clarkston Football sports photography

Clarkston football sports photography of the Clarkston Chiefs summer camp.  Every year the coaches of the Clarkston football team host a camp for the Clarkston Chiefs and I will spend a day doing sports photography for them.  The Chiefs are the younger ages version of the Clarkston football program.  Again this year it must have been the hottest day of the year.  I do have to compliment the young athletes, they were all moving and giving every drill 100%  The coached were all fully engaged and game a ton of attention to the groups and individuals.


Clarkston High School Football photography

Clarkston High School Football photography the Clarkston MI football field.  Again this year I was able to get in the locker room before the game and between the halves.  I was concentrating on capturing portraits of groups and individuals and get a general sense of the seriousness of the football players and coaches.

I also got  nice HRD panorama of the home stands with the field in the foreground right at sunset.

It takes more than players, coaches and cheerleaders to put a game on.  The is a small army of volunteers that work ticket sales, concessions, announcers and broadcast.  The concessions is about the fastest most efficient group of popcorn sellers I have seen.  It is rare to wait very long to get you hot dogs, hot chocolate of whatever you need.  The Booster club raises thousand of dollars for the sport programs.

Up in the press box a team of announcers and spotters keep the fans well informed about plays, yards, player numbers and player names.

Clarkston TV has multiple cameras in the press box and at least one more down on the field.  Games are rebroadcast all year.

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MMA fight at Joe Louis

I was backstage at this weekend’s MMA Fight Night at the Joe Impact Fight League 65 fight at Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit.  I was a guest of the producer Joe Donofrio and concentrated on the fighters and others as they went into and left the arena for their fight.