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2016 Winter Travel Photography trip Day 1 – Farms and bridges

More from my winer 2016 trip to Florida.  These shots start about 2pm and go for about a half hour.  All but the overpass were shot in one stop on US23 north of Delaware OH.  As I was driving I saw to my left at the eastern horizon the long low panorama of overcast shy with distant trees and a occasional strip of green color.  On the west side of the road, the barn and sign.  The overpass is in Delaware.

2016 Winter Travel Photography trip Day 1 – Cars

For the last few years I have driven my step -dad’s van down to Florida in January so he can have his vehicle there.  I fly back home and do the reverse in April.  The same drive along I-75 got boring quickly and I decided to follow the advise of William Least Heat Moon Facebook in his book Blue Highways and get off the interstate and travel much smaller roads through the country and through many small towns.  I have never had a plan, but would get off the interstae for stretches at a time when an area looked interesting.

I have done this the last couple years and this year was looking to add a photo project to the trip.  I got the idea to travel on a highway for as much as the trip as possible.  I found that US 23 goes from Mackinaw City MI all the way to Jacksonville FL.  Since I got the van at the Detroit airport, Mackinaw City was a bit out of the way.  Instead I chose to start my journey just south of Toledo OH.  My intent was to trace US 23 as much as possible from Toledo to Jacksonville.  I did it.

The majority of US 23 is a divided 4 lane hi way with crossroads and occasional access, sometimes it is more interstate like with limited access and exit ramps, sometimes it is combined with interstates, sometimes is is a bigger road going through a large city and sometimes it is a lonely 2 lane blacktop.  All US 23.  I’m guessing US 23 was one of the major north south routes in the past, now replaced by I-75

Thes shots are from Day 1, northern Ohio – old cars and an overpass

Baton Rouge area Infrared panoramas

On a day off from working on a movie project with my brother this July, I toured the back roads of Baton Rouge.  The only camera I brought was my Ired converted Nikon D7000.  The majority of what I saw was long low panoramic with various details.  These are the panoramas

edited in either Lightroom CC or Photoshop with a duotone look applied.