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Baton Rouge Louisiana Infrared

On a day off from working on a movie project with my brother, I toured the back roads of Baton Rouge.  The only camera I brought was my Ired converted Nikon D7000.  The majority of what I saw was long low panoramic with various details.  These are the single shot details edited in either Lightroom CC or Photoshop with a duotone look applied.

The haze and high key look of the photos matched the heat and humidity of the day.

Jackson LA Infrared photography  Saint Francisville, LA  infrared outside  Saint Francisville, LA outside  Saint Francisville, LA Clintonville, LA Outside Ethel LA outside Ethel LA MPKphoto-4297 Ethel LA

Impressions of NYC

My wife and I recently chaperoned a trip of the Clarkston High School Symphonic Band to New York City for their performance in Carnagie Hall (fantastic experience!).  These shots are my impressions of New York when  was not pointing my camera at the kids.

Wounded Knee

My wife mentioned on of her favorite movies, Thunderheart, and how she wants to go to Wounded Knee.  I remembered I had been there a few years ago and looked up the files.  I had not done anything with these shots since I captured them on one of my cross country road trips.  The strange looking camera in the lot in front of the gate in one shot is a Spheron, panoramic camera that shoots HDR domes