In a single visit, I can take the still shots you need, as well as capture video for your company’s website. Maybe it’s a video message from the CEO to employees or a short video for your intranet. I can multi-task, providing you with greater value.

There’s a common set of attributes shared by great photos and great videos. Each requires a good eye, a creative edge and technical skill.

  • DOCUMENTARIES – There’s nothing like a well-produced documentary video to tell a story with impact. In this age of social media, forward-thinking businesses are tapping into this powerful tool with great effectiveness.
  • WEBSITE VIDEOS – Not everyone is a reader. Many respond better to video.

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Time lapse High School Football video

Time lapse High School Football video from Friday evening’s Clarkston vs West Bloomfield.  I set up my GoPro in an area north the Clarkston High School football stadium, as high as I could get it on a light stand.  I did notice that the top of the stand was shaking a bit in the mild wind.  I was able to remove the motion in Final Cut X Pro.  I shot one frame every second from well before the game started to well into the second half when the sky got black.  The original video made by the GoPro was just over two minutes.  I cut a bit at the beginning and end and then sped up the video to shorten it to less than 30 seconds.

I shoot these videos to show the changing of the light as sunset and then dusk comes.  This video is a bit bland because there were not may clouds to show motion.  I’ll do more as I get to games.

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Microblading video For Bespoke Permanent Cosmetics

This is a compilation of some of the footage used for Bespoke’s microblading video.  We shot this video one winter day at the Bespoke studio in Clarkston, MI.  Cecilia and her marketing advisor had a solid list of still shots and video needed to add to the existing website and add a banner video.  We started with some establishing shots of the studio along with some b roll of the office.  We then ran through the complete eyebrow microblading process, shooting wide and closeup shots.  I’m glad I  have a good macro lens to get very close focus video and stills. The lighting was primarily existing with a=some additional LED and florescent banks to fill shadows.  We did not record live audio to use for the final project MOS.  The audio you hear was captured by the camera’s onboard microphones.

The final video was edited by Cecilia’s brother and can be seen at the top of the Bespoke webpage.


A Holy Place Documentary

the Heidelberg Project

This project is called A Holy Place Documentary.  It is a documentary of Tyree Guyton and The Heidelberg Project.  The documentary was produced to be used in an Ann Arbor, MI art museum installation.  The video shows some of the project and is primarily Tyree in discussion with people that were visiting the site.  He discussed what is art?, what is time?