In a single visit, I can take the still shots you need, as well as capture video for your company’s website. Maybe it’s a video message from the CEO to employees or a short video for your intranet. I can multi-task, providing you with greater value.

There’s a common set of attributes shared by great photos and great videos. Each requires a good eye, a creative edge and technical skill.

  • DOCUMENTARIES – There’s nothing like a well-produced documentary video to tell a story with impact. In this age of social media, forward-thinking businesses are tapping into this powerful tool with great effectiveness.
  • WEBSITE VIDEOS – Not everyone is a reader. Many respond better to video.

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Mueva Fitness Videos

This is a collection of Mueva Fitness Videos.  Teressa, the owner of Mueva Fitness want to update her website and wanted mini video interviews of all her teachers.  We were able to schedule them all on one afternoon.  We chose a representative purple wall and used the teachers to block a thermostat on the wall behind them.  I had a basic two light set up, one in front and high the other on the teacher’s right for accent.  Audio was a lab on the teachers and a Zoom H1 for backup.

I shot about 10 teachers and these are just some of the excerpts for look and feel.  Teressa asked each teacher to answer from a group of questions.

Helping Hearts Helping Hands studio interview documentary for 10th anniversary

This studio interview documentary celebrates Helping Hearts Helping Hands 10 year anniversary. This is a 2 minute reduced time edit from the almost 12 minute original.  Link to original full length.  The video was used at the annual fundraiser for Helping Hearts Helping Hands.

Erica Cale is the founder and she came up with a list of questions she want to ask people that had come to Honduras in the past to help with her efforts.  For each person I interviewed I asked the same questions and then at the end of the interview asked additional probing questions about how it affected them and their experience.

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Financial Planning Service Video

This is a financial planning service video Recently did for Mike Kastler.  I’m linking to a short version just to give you the look and feel of the actual video. Mike attends Clarkston Coffee Club on Thursdays mornings and heard (because I stood at the front of the room and told everyone) that I can shoot edit and produce videos.  Mike wanted a video for the update of his website and we scheduled a session at his office.

Before the shoot Mike had to get the exact script approved by some governing body.  He had the script pretty well memorized when I got there.  Because I had a two camera video set up we were able to do multiple takes with different views and the viewer may not know it was all done in one take.  I have since built a teleprompter where Mike could have done it all in one take, it works that well. After the video was done the governing body decided they did not like two words in the script and requested removal.  Luckily the words were at a good break and I was able to make the edit.

I supplemented the natural and office lighting to reduce shadows and balance the levels.  Audio was pretty basic, a lav mike on Mike and a Zoom H1 as backup.  Edit was pretty simple with FCPX.  I made a compound clip, cut to different cameras ever bit and added text and graphics at the end.

The full video can be seen o the home page of Mike’ web site –

High School Volleyball banner build

High School Volleyball banner build. This video is the photography and  graphics build of the 2017  Clarkston High School Varsity Volleyball showing all the separate elements that go into a composite photo like this.  I first had a conversation with the girls about the look and feel of the banner and we came up with this everyone in action look.  I scheduled a photo session before one of the practices and photographed everyone on a white seamless.  The girls chose their couple favorite images from a simple webpage of all the useable shots.  When I shot I had a strong backlight so I will be able to use some of the shadows from the shots.  I then outlined each girl i their action shot and placed them pleasingly in the new Photoshop file.  I must say the last few versions of Photoshop have made it much easier to outline with the more powerful tools.

In the build video I show each player being added, starting with the back row.  After the player is added I added the shadow on the body and shadow on the floor darkening or shadowing applied to each from the “shadow” created by the player in front.  Next I add the front row players again with a bit of shadow for depth and shadows on the floor. The white glow was added next and then the various graphics and sponsors.

The resulting banner was printed on indoor vinyl about 5 feet by 13 feet and proudly hung in the Clarkston High School gym for the volleyball season