B&W film photography

This is a test of my reintroduction to b&w film photography. I recently had the desire to see all of my extended family. I made some soft plans to go visit them, I decided I should photograph them when I see them, I decided I should shoot film for the project, I decided I should photograph them all with the same camera, same film, same distance to subject. Thus the portrait project I am calling “The Last Film Project”. I plan to photograph all my living relatives with my Hasselblad 500 C/M, with TMY (sometimes TMX) black and white film by the end of 2020.

I had not use my Hasselblad in years, maybe a decade. I ran a roll of film through the camera a while ago to check that everything was functioning correctly. It works perfectly. These are images from a friends wedding this summer. I want to test out the framing and close focus, so I asked some friends for a quick portrait out by the barn. The light was fading so I shot them quickly standing in open shade, backlit. The old eyes are not what they used to be. I struggled with the old ground glass focusing screen and missed focus on about half the images. I need more practice and possibly may want to use some strong cheaters.

As you can hopefully see all the couples really like each other. They were fun to shoot. Fun to be shooting film again. I even have to break out a light meter!

I shoot the film and send it off to North Coast Photo in Carlsbad CA and get processed, sleeved film with large scans in about a week.