Executive headshot photography – Easter Seals Michigan

Executive headshot photography of some Easter Seals of Michigan.  These headshots were done at Easter seals home Michigan office in Auburn Hills, MI when all the executives were planned to be in for the annual meeting.  I brought my portable studio 3 light setup with a white paper background.  My contact and I previewed my headshot style page and he chose the basic high key lighting and background you see here.

A day of executive headshots photography starts by me arriving at least 30 minutes before the planned shoot time to set up.  I ask for one person to test and adjust the lighting at the end of the set up time.  The photography of the headshots can go pretty quickly.  I typically schedule people every 10 minutes or so and almost alway have time to get walk-ins done in between scheduled portraits. When people enter the room I ask them to check their hair to see if it is to their liking, look over their face to check makeup and for shiny skin, check to see if they need lip gloss or not.  Once they get in front of the camera we check that their wardrobe is OK, tie straight, collars OK and then give them a once over with a lint brush if needed.  All of these materials come in my Face Repair Kit that I bring.  Once they are ready I work with them on direction, posing and expression, shooting left and right, arms crossed hands in pockets.  If we have time I will often ask them for some fun expressions at the end.  Maybe they look happy, sad, confused.  These shots rarely get used but they are fun to do.

After the shoot  make a simple webpage of the images, have everyone choose their favorite(s), do basic retouching and deliver a full resolution and web friendly resolution.