Infrared Photography

I have been playing around with infrared photography for years.  In the past we had to use special film that was so sensitive it had to be loaded in the camera in complete darkness.  To shoot the film we had to place an extremely dark filter in front of the lens that only let infrared light through.  That made using a tripod and long exposures almost mandatory.  I had been able to use that infrared filter in front of digital cameras with limited results.  While shooting with my, at the time fully used up, D7000 was making some funky sounds and the view finder was weird.  I took the lens off and the mirror fell on the ground.  While researching getting it repaired I looked into converting the camera to infrared.  Every digital camera has a filter glued to the sensor that filters out infrared light.  The service I sent it to took the filter off and repaired the mirror.  The D7000 is now an infrared only camera now.  I get exposures and ISO sensitivity close to a normal camera.

The full color raw image from the camera is very strange.  By really playing with the settings, I can get an interesting looking image.  I prefer to convert the images to black and white and apply a slight tone.

What you see here is a collection of years of images with a variety of cameras.

One of the striking qualities of infrared photography is that it is more sensitive to greenery and less sensitive to blue skies.  The result being trees and grass that looks like snow with a dark contrasty sky.

I will continue to add to this project as long as I remember to bring the camera and actually use it.  Oh, you don’t see a lot of people because infrared does weird stuff with skin.  Face and lips have the same exposure, yuk.