Demolition Derby Tilt Shift Photography

Some Demolition Derby Tilt Shift Photography from the Oakland County Fair this week.  I was at the fair again this year and decided to spend a little more time making photographs at the track, which I have  done some over the years.  I knew I would shoot some panning motion and some stop motion of the cars kicking up dirt during the evening.  Just for fun I brought my LensBaby lens.  It is an inexpensive lens that lets you tilt the plane of focus relative to the sensor plane.  The result is a very shallow depth of field at the plane of focus.  The effect is similar to photographing a miniature set with a close up lens.

The event this night was not really demolition derby, but Off Road Derby as part of The Night of Destruction. Automotive photography is just something fun to do another day at the fair.  I have shot many times at he arena and pits in years past.