Personal Branding photography

Another personal branding photography project. Erika is a medical professional and is rebranding her website and needed an update to her personal branding images. We scheduled studio shoot for early evening. When she arrived the sun was still out and it was a beautiful clear spring day. We went to a local church and shot against the brick and between the white pillars. The light was very warm in color and very low in the sky, making for some challenging, striking headshots and portraits.

As planned and set up, we then went into a studio setup. Erika had her hair and makeup done earlier in the day and brought along a couple friends for moral support. We had great fun shooting, with her friends helping out with poses and looks and general silliness. Ericka was well prepared with a handful of casual and professional wardrobe changes and accessories.

Erika will use some of the images on the updated website and then other images to illustrate different parts of her personal and professional life. A quick simple shoot like this can give a person a variety of image to use for personal branding.

Huffington Post article about how personal branding photography can grow your business.