Kitchen Real Estate Photography

This is a Kitchen Real Estate Photography post. A networking friend from Clarkston Coffee Club, Chris Klemos recently did a remodel of this kitchen in Lake Orion, MI. He asked for some photos for an upcoming ad for his company Americal in ZZZ .

The kitchen was very clean and only needed some very minor clutter removal. I found what I thought was the best overall angle for the kitchen, set up the tripod and started to build the shot. I first got a good base exposure for the interior and set my camera to shoot additional images brighter and darker – bracketing. I then tested and set the off camera flash for fill light. I shot 3 to 5 exposures for each image.

I used Lightroom to create HDR versions for each image. I found the best color balance for all the shots, made some contrast and level adjustments and applied those settings to all the images. I then went back and painted darker and warmer exposures for the exteriors seen through the windows. When shooting I do my best to have the camera back as vertical and level as possible. The situation and my attention do not alway allow perfectly align, vertical images. I had to play with rotating the image and adjusting with some of Lightroom’s perspective controls. The result is level images without tilting or conversing lines.