Clarkston High School Football photography

Clarkston High School Football photography the Clarkston MI football field.  Again this year I was able to get in the locker room before the game and between the halves.  I was concentrating on capturing portraits of groups and individuals and get a general sense of the seriousness of the football players and coaches.

I also got  nice HRD panorama of the home stands with the field in the foreground right at sunset.

It takes more than players, coaches and cheerleaders to put a game on.  The is a small army of volunteers that work ticket sales, concessions, announcers and broadcast.  The concessions is about the fastest most efficient group of popcorn sellers I have seen.  It is rare to wait very long to get you hot dogs, hot chocolate of whatever you need.  The Booster club raises thousand of dollars for the sport programs.

Up in the press box a team of announcers and spotters keep the fans well informed about plays, yards, player numbers and player names.

Clarkston TV has multiple cameras in the press box and at least one more down on the field.  Games are rebroadcast all year.

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