High School Sports team banner, 2019 Clarkston girls basketball

Another example of a high school sports team banner. This one for the varsity girls basketball team for their 2019, 2020 season. The team chose a similar banner to what they did last year, captains up front with the rest of the players stacking behind, Flying V. This year I chose to add a bit of glow coming from the background as in some previous banners.

The process to make a banner like this is to plan the layout and lighting, choose the images and then composite. We wrote down the layout of all the players left to right and shot them in that order. I shot the players on the left side mostly facing to the left and the players on the right facing right. Most of the girls had basketballs. We shot most players left, center and right for variety. The lighting was a key light with an umbrella above and just to the right and a back light kicker high and to the left. This is a pretty serious team so they chose to so be not so girly girl and went with stoic serious poses and expressions.

After choosing each players’ image I selected them in Lightroom, made adjustments and opened in Photoshop. In Photoshop each player was cutout and brought into the background file and arranged in a pleasing manner. Shadows under the feet and on the floor we’re added.

The file was sent to Printboys Digital in Auburn Hills and the 5 foot by 10 foot banner hangs in the gym now.

Thanks to Leo’s Coney Island for their sponsorship