HDR travel photography

An example of HDR travel photography. When ever I travel I try and get off the big freeways and into the small towns on the Blue Highways.  I started photographing Post Offices in the small towns as part of a continuing project. Years ago I would photograph ice cream stands, but not all of America has ice cream stands.  Just about every town has a post office.

On a trip back up from Florida I was in the back roads of North Carolina, found this Post Office in Hot Springs and photographed it.  Hot Springs NC hardwareI noticed a hardware across the street that looks interesting, it was indeed.  This is one of the old time hardwares where they have just about everything you could possibly need with people that work in the store that know how to help you and where to find the stuff to help you.  I walked in, loved it immediately and asked for permission to shoot in the store.  They kindly agreed.  I was intrigued by the texture of the displays and the repeating patterns.  I will typically shoot HDR for the post offices and chose to do it for the hardware.  HDR travel photography is a process of combining 3 to 5 different exposures of the same image and combining them in software.  I did HDR on all these images and then applied a creative color edit to all the images that drained a little color and added sharpness and texture.