Travel photography – Post offices heading south

Every year I do a bit of travel photography as I head south in a van I drive to Florida for my step Dad.  Each year I try and choose a different route, getting off the Freeway for long stretches and go through the small towns.  I will review the upcoming towns and see if there is an interesting Post Office.  If so I find it and shoot it. I have shot interesting court houses, forestations and other odd buildings in the past.  This trip down in addition to post offices, I shot some used car dealers, fire stations, city halls and a weird pink building.

On other trips I had shot with my Nikon D7100 converted to infrared, but I did not bring it this year.  At every location I shoot a bracket of at least three exposures 2 stops bright, on and 2 stops dark.  I then combine the exposures in Lightroom using the HDR function.  What I get is a slightly enhanced color image with a lot more exposure in the shadows and highlights. I will even shoot a three stop bracket of multiple views, process the HDR for each view and then stitch them into a panorama.

I think this will be a long time continuing project for me.  I like the idea of getting off the busy highway and making a reason to see and visit small town America.  I have found that every community and even some remote outposts have a post office.  If it appears the post office is newer that 20 – 30 years I typically give it a miss.

My wanderlust was inspired by  book I read long ago. Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon.  He chronicles a cross country trip, partially following the past of Lewis and Clark.  A wonderful read if you like travel books. On the look out for the elusive 4 calendar restaurant.