Hollywood Glamour photography

I have always been intrigued and impressed by the Hollywood glamour photography of George Hurrell and decided to work a project to emulate it. We are all familiar with the wonderful images of Hollywood stars and the wonderful images.

It appears Hurrell worked in the days before strobe and he used large tungsten lights with large format cameras. I’m doing this project with strobe lighting and my DSLRs. I do have modeling lights in the strobes and was able to see about what I would get with the strobes, but it is alway a bit interpretive when using strobes. I set up in my home studio and used one key light and a hair light sometimes. I had the models point their face almost directly at the key light to emulate Hurrell’s lighting.

I had gathered a bunch of inspirational image that I likes and had them on a “mood board”. The models and I decided which images to use for inspiration .

My sister Mary Simmons did hair and makeup in the kitchen.

After the shoot I converted the images t black and white and did basic retouching.