The Crossfire Blues Band Music Video

This is the The Crossfire Blues Band Music Video, Couldn’t Stand the Weather.
My accountant, yes accountant approached me after I talked about video at a local networking meeting and asked if I would be interested in shooting a music video.  Yes was the answer.   We talked about style and location and he came up with a location of a local church.  I did not know what to expect and brought plenty of lights.  I was pleased to find a very modern church with an advanced light and sound set up. The lighting was already blue, all I had to do was put a little accent light on the drummer and keyboards to balance the lighting.

The band was lypsyncing to an already recorded final song and the church sound technician was able to play the song back multiple times for the various takes.  We ended up doing about 6 different takes for a variety of wide shots, closeups, pans and pulls.  I even had two cameras running for most of the takes.

Editing was pretty straight forward.  I imported everything into FCPX and made a multicam file.  I made a rough cut of the song and the drummer came to the studio  to help edit the final.  He had me cutting to different scene about 3 times more than my initial edit.  It is much better his way.  I finalized the video and sent it to them in a variety of sizes and formats. I understand the music video deserves partial credit fo getting the band into a couple music festivals this summer.  Yay!