Financial Planning Service Video

This is a financial planning service video Recently did for Mike Kastler.  I’m linking to a short version just to give you the look and feel of the actual video. Mike attends Clarkston Coffee Club on Thursdays mornings and heard (because I stood at the front of the room and told everyone) that I can shoot edit and produce videos.  Mike wanted a video for the update of his website and we scheduled a session at his office.

Before the shoot Mike had to get the exact script approved by some governing body.  He had the script pretty well memorized when I got there.  Because I had a two camera video set up we were able to do multiple takes with different views and the viewer may not know it was all done in one take.  I have since built a teleprompter where Mike could have done it all in one take, it works that well. After the video was done the governing body decided they did not like two words in the script and requested removal.  Luckily the words were at a good break and I was able to make the edit.

I supplemented the natural and office lighting to reduce shadows and balance the levels.  Audio was pretty basic, a lav mike on Mike and a Zoom H1 as backup.  Edit was pretty simple with FCPX.  I made a compound clip, cut to different cameras ever bit and added text and graphics at the end.

The full video can be seen o the home page of Mike’ web site –