Microblading video For Bespoke Permanent Cosmetics

This is a compilation of some of the footage used for Bespoke’s microblading video.  We shot this video one winter day at the Bespoke studio in Clarkston, MI.  Cecilia and her marketing advisor had a solid list of still shots and video needed to add to the existing website and add a banner video.  We started with some establishing shots of the studio along with some b roll of the office.  We then ran through the complete eyebrow microblading process, shooting wide and closeup shots.  I’m glad I  have a good macro lens to get very close focus video and stills. The lighting was primarily existing with a=some additional LED and florescent banks to fill shadows.  We did not record live audio to use for the final project MOS.  The audio you hear was captured by the camera’s onboard microphones.

The final video was edited by Cecilia’s brother and can be seen at the top of the Bespoke webpage.