Talking head studio video

This is a compilation video of episodes shot for Kelly Scott’s talking head studio video. Kelly is a life cotch and founder of Bound for Bliss. The video series is a set of conversations and lessons Kelly shares as a demonstration of what she can do as a life coach.
We shot all dozen or so videos one afternoon in my Clarkston MI studio. Kelly chose to change wardrobe a couple times to have some variety. The studio was set up for Talking head studio video a high key, white background look and I had a two camera setup with lav mic and backup audio. Kelly came prepared with scripts for about 6 of the videos. I had just finished a beta version of my teleprompter and we tried it out with Kelly. It worked really well. I find it very hard to see that she is reading from a script. We got most of the videos in one take. After the scripted video I sat next to the primary camera and started asking additional questions that help me understand what she can do for her clients and what their experience might be like.
The editing was pretty basic. I use Final Cut Pro X and the multicam option makes it very easy to number one sync the audio and then select different cameras in real time. After I did a basic edit of each video, Kelly came to the studio and sat next to me in the editing suite (office with computer and 3 monitors). Together we made the final tweeks and adjustments. I upload the videos to my Youtube account and send Kelly the videos to her to upload to Bound for Bliss Youtube account.
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