High School Volleyball banner build

High School Volleyball banner build. This video is the photography and  graphics build of the 2017  Clarkston High School Varsity Volleyball showing all the separate elements that go into a composite photo like this.  I first had a conversation with the girls about the look and feel of the banner and we came up with this everyone in action look.  I scheduled a photo session before one of the practices and photographed everyone on a white seamless.  The girls chose their couple favorite images from a simple webpage of all the useable shots.  When I shot I had a strong backlight so I will be able to use some of the shadows from the shots.  I then outlined each girl i their action shot and placed them pleasingly in the new Photoshop file.  I must say the last few versions of Photoshop have made it much easier to outline with the more powerful tools.

In the build video I show each player being added, starting with the back row.  After the player is added I added the shadow on the body and shadow on the floor darkening or shadowing applied to each from the “shadow” created by the player in front.  Next I add the front row players again with a bit of shadow for depth and shadows on the floor. The white glow was added next and then the various graphics and sponsors.

The resulting banner was printed on indoor vinyl about 5 feet by 13 feet and proudly hung in the Clarkston High School gym for the volleyball season